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Each and every student, pre-k to college participates hands-on at interdisciplinary assemblies, residencies, classroom workshops, and extended-day programs. They enrich the students' curiosity, agility and adaptability, imagination, initiative, and creativity.

"Bob focuses on building students' esteem by leading them to discover the excitement of learning by doing. His ability to educate and inspire students is exemplary."
- Chris Beaven, Chair
Waynflete School Arts Department

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Your event will sparkle and sway. Groups of all ages play a beautiful array of hand drums and percussion trinkets. Everyone partners with BB as he launches some of the world's most inviting songs.

"With a huge variety of drums available for the audience to participate, you have a truly engaging performance where children and adults are actively and enthusiastically involved in the show."
- Matthew Mace
Recreation Supervisor
Town of Glastonbury



Reading programs and family days are enlivened. Everyone, kids to grandparents, takes part in a melodic, interactive drumming concert.

"The drumming and the smiles that poured out over our Annual Art in the Park Festival truly added to the spirit of the event."
- Lori Gress
Director of Member Services
DeCordova Museum

drumming for libraries and museums
durmming for the elderly


Presented with attention to the joys and the dignity of aging populations, song-based drumming concerts are participatory for elders, family members, and service providers.

"Bob certainly put a lot of energy into the room, thus into our people. I found it to be extremely beneficial to residents and staff alike."
- Diane Kozikowski
Director of Recreation
Monsignor Bojnowski Manor


Kids, teens, and parents develop positive aspects of character that are generated by group music making and community interaction.

"Because of many factors that interfere with their learning, we ran Bob's program with a group of youth who were selected by the school social worker. They were able to listen, follow directions, and stay focused."
Patricia Calvo
Director Windham Youth Services Bureau

Remo Hand Drums

drumming about you


The repetitive rhythm patterns and catchy melodies of Drumming About You inspire people who have disabilities. Consumers, their families, and their service providers take part together in an accessible, musical medium that encourages socialization.

"I know that so many children with autism will continue to experience great joy and so many families will find opportunities to share their children's joy due to the wonderful experiences that Bob provides."
Barry Prizant Ph.D.
Center for the Study of Human Development
Brown University


Interactive drumming creates a sense of community and hope between patients, family members, and service providers.

"The show for patients and parents was amazing. The energy in the room was tangible. My colleagues enjoyed the in-service as they were exposed to something new and therapeutic for the patients."
Ingrid Dahlin
Child Life Services
Boston Children's Hospital

Bob Bloom Drumming Jams

People love to play along to rock & roll, boogie, funk, and swing music. Bob brings enough drums for everyone to use as he ignites the catchy beats and engaging melodies of songs from artists like The Beatles, Chuck Berry, and James Brown.
"I've witnessed how Bob is able to turn a room full of kids or adults ... everybody with a drum ... into a rollicking music hoot."       
Dennis Waring, Ph.D.
Wesleyan University