Interactive Drumming :  Disabilities

“You have a rare ability to create a positive social dynamic with children who otherwise are greatly challenged in social situations.

I know that so many children will continue to experience great joy, and so many families will have opportunities to share their children’s joy, due to the wonderful experiences that you provide.”

Barry M. Prizant, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Author of  Uniquely Human / A Different Way of Seeing Autism





“Thank you for your insight, awareness,
and passion for your work.”

– Elaine Hall, Founder of ‘The Miracle Project’

   Author of Seven Keys to Unlock Autism
   & Making Miracles in the Classroom

"Our agency conducted a program where children with autism, their brothers and sisters, and their parents could come together to share an activity together. It was a tremendously successful endeavor, and we credit Mr. Bloom with the success.”

– Barbara Domingue, Executive Director

Community Autism Resources, Inc.