Drumming For


Bob leads participatory school assemblies, classroom sessions, multiple-day residencies, out-of-schooltime activities, and student-featured performances for their families and caregivers. Interactive drumming sparks kids’ curiosity, inspires innovation, raises self-esteem, and enhances confidence. Each and every student gets their hands on professional-quality, age-appropriate drums.

These musical, arts-integration presentations meet state and national standards of learning.

"All of the teachers agreed: Assemblies come and go ... some good, some not. This one was outstanding. 100% of the students were actively involved and excited. Bob’s ability fo captivate and inspire students is unmatched."

– Nicholas Reed, Teacher
Wickes Elementary School, Warwick, RI









"As a faculty, we marveled at how quickly you earned the trust of the children, and how easily you built their confidence."  

– Amanda Aronson, Director of Communications
Montessori School of Greater Hartford


“You had all of the children from preschool to fifth grade spellbound.”

– Sarah  Stevensen, Before and Aftercare Coordinator
CREC Museum Academy


“We were amazed by how you were able to engage ALL of the children, which is not an easy task with toddlers and preschoolers. Your passion, enthusiasm, and energy were contagious. It is clear that you love what you do.”

– Anne Bladen, Executive Director
Child Laboratories, University of Connecticut






Grades Pre-Kindergarten to Five

Students play along with Bob as he launches cool beats to legendary songs. They acquire communication agility by echoing repetitive, spoken patterns to create joyous rhythms.

Early education kids develop positive listening and discipline characteristics. For older kids’ workplace readiness, Bob conveys the values of attendance, hard work and perseverance, collaboration, leadership, and critical thinking.




Grades Four to Twelve

DTR teams students to work together as high-energy music groups. It’s an experience of success that creates the “I Can” mindset. Kids echo Bob’s rhythmic speech patterns to play on hand drums as he leads the beat and sings energetic rock & roll, funk, world, and boogie tunes.

Kids take away skills to innovate drumming rhythms that they can enjoy at any time. They’re enabled to join in with their favorite music, rap, dance, and movement with their friends, families, and caregivers.




Grades Pre-Kindergarten to Six

As an activity to learn about music, students make a Brazilian-style, shaker instrument called “ganza” that they keep. The session also teaches scientific properties such as mass, density, and volume. All of the construction materials are provided. Kids collaborate to make their shakers. Educators assist in the process. With their new instruments, the students and Bob play songs with joyous “Samba” rhythms.




Grades Four to Six

Creative Writing Meets Interactive Drumming

DD energizes students as members of “Drum Dog Teams”. A breed of “Drum Dog” is the team’s focus. The breed has a positive “Power” such as ’Search and Rescue’. The students collaborate to write imaginative short stories in which their Dog solves a problem. To develop public speaking skills, kids democratically elect “Team Leaders” to read their Team’s story aloud.

Bob teaches the Teams how to innovate spoken language patterns to create their own “Drum Dog Rhythm” that they perform for each other on hand drums.




All Ages

Bob leads participants to echo repetitive drumming patterns on professional-quality hand drums to accompany him as he sings. The songs, beats, and rhythms are presented with attention to the challenges and sensitivities of people with cognitive, physical, and multiple disabilities. Adaptive instruments are available.




Grades Six to Eight

Students get their hands onto a curious variety of drum sticks to enjoy catchy rhythm patterns on common household buckets. Every kid rocks & rolls with Bob to spark energetic music.

They take away musical skills and inspiration to interact  with their friends, families, caregivers, and communities.

"Drum Buckets" meets Core and National Art Standards.